Question The Level LEDs on the right hand side of the unit don't indicate the guitar input level, only the mic input level. Why is this, and how do I calibrate my guitar's input gain level Answer Many users believe that the Level LEDs on the right hand side of the unit should also indicate the guitar input level. This is not actually the case, but rather the level LEDs will only light up red if the guitar level clips, as stated on page 13 of the manual:            12. Level LEDs. The Level LEDs show input level for the Mic input. The red LED also lights if any other                   input  for example your guitar  clips (too much signal). Therefore, the best way to set your guitar's input gain level is via the Auto Mic Gain feature, which now features an Auto Guitar Gain section. To find it, follow the following steps:
  • Hold the Setup button to enter Mic Gain screen.
  • Look at the bottom of the display where it says "Calibrate Mic". 
  • Turn the corresponding control know until it changes to 'Calibrate Guitar' and PLAY YOUR LOUDEST is displayed large in the middle of the display.
  • Then simply play your loudest!