Question When I use HardTune, what is it doing Answer HardTune actively listens to your incoming vocal note and guides it, either gently or aggressively, to the nearest "true" note. When you use HardTune, there's a couple of settings that make a difference in the sound that comes out.
  • Window - Each note is assigned a "window", in cents (1/100th of a semitone), within which the tuning will occur.
  • The larger the window, the further from the "true" note tuning begins taking over. If the window gets very large, every note within the scale will be aggressively tuned.
  • Speed - How fast the tuning happens, after you've entered the "window". This value affects the "Hard"ness.
  • Styles like POP have a large window and fast speed.
  • Styles like Correct Natural have a small window and slow speed.
 Here's an image of several passes of HardTune, starting with Pop, Country Gliss, Correct Natural and Correct Chromatic. As you can see, Pop creats a very "stepped" effect, where Correct Natural allows a lot of variance between notes in the scale and only corrects when the singer gets very close to the target note. Correct Chromatic (the last red line) tunes to every semi-tone. hardtune-crop.jpg