Question How can I see which options I have in my TC2290What are the differences on the different versions of the TC2290

The software version ( press SPEC, 0, ENTER ) shows which PROM version you've got and by that also if you have sampling, fast trigger or stereo link options installed. Here is a short description of the history of the TC2290:
  • The 1st version of TC2290s was sold with EPROM 26.x and 1 second memory, but some were sold with 2, 3 or 4 seconds memory - or upgraded by the dealer/user to 2, 3 or 4 seconds.
  • Later, 1st version units could be upgraded to the 2nd version by adding a "SA01 kit" which included a new EPROM version 27.xx and a "ME04" (memory expansion to 4 seconds). Thus, 2nd version was sold with EPROM 27.xx and with all 4 seconds fitted on the main board.   With 27.xx it was also possible to sample and the ME11 and ME00 Memory Expansion board was introduced offering memory expansion to respectively 11 or 32 seconds (read more about the ME11 and the ME00 below).  
  • The 3rd version was sold with EPROM 28.xx and still 4 seconds memory. Units with 26.x and 27.xx could be upgraded (at TC) to this version by installing a "SA02" kit which includes EPROM version 28.12 and a "ME04". But this is not possible any more.  This version is the configuration which we sold before discontinuation in 2004.  
  • "4th and 5th versions" are options to the 3rd version and not newer versions of this: EPROM 29.xx (FASTTRIG option) including a new add-on circuit board, allowing faster trigging of samples (record and playback). EPROM 30.xx (STSA option) was a STereo SAmpling option, requiring the FASTTRIG option and a new chip offered the user to make a stereo link of two T2290s (both with the option installed). Both FASTTRIG and STSA are discontinued.
The ME11 was a add-on circuit board offering memory expansion up to 11 seconds (the ME11 added 7 seconds + the 4 seconds on the main board)The ME00 was a add-on circuit board offering up to 32 seconds (a fully mounted ME00 added 28 seconds + the 4 seconds on the main board). Both ME11 and ME00 are discontinued To see how much memory is installed, please refer to this FAQ.