Question What are the main differences between the Ditto Looper and the looper feature of the Flashback Delay Answer
  • Firstly, the size. The Ditto Looper has the small footprint of our mini pedal range while the Flashback is a standard sized pedal.
  • Due to its small size, the Ditto Looper is only able to be powered by an external 9V power supply whereas The Flashback Delay can be powered with either an external power supply or with a single 9 volt battery. 
  • The Ditto is a mono device, the Flashback Delay can run in stereo. 
  • The duration of a loop can be up to 5 minutes long on the Ditto Looper and up to 40 seconds in mono and 20 seconds in stereo for the Flashback, regardless of how many overdubs you make. 
  • The Ditto Looper is a very simple-to-use pedal with one primary feature. The Flashback is more than a simple Looper: it can also produce delay, chorus and flanger effects.
  • Both pedals have the same sound quality.
Here a presentation of the Ditto Looper and here a presentation of the Flashback Delay.