Question I would like to synchronize the Tremolo to audio from my digital audio workstation (DAW). Is that possible  Answer It is not possible to fully synchronize the tremolo. You can use a MIDI track of your DAW  to send a MIDI CC to control the global tempo of the G-Force. For example on a MIDI track, send the MIDI CC#80 alternating between 0 and 127 value at each beat of the tempo (2 beats are necessary only). On G-Force, in I/O setup - MIDI tab, set the TAP tempo to CC#80 Then you can set the tempo of the tremolo to a specific subdivision to apply to that global tempo, but the tremolo wave will not necessarily start on its max point (or minimum), and could start on a random point on the curve. The tremolo will be in in the tempo, but could very well be offset to the beat.