Question We have a TC 1128 with a defective LCD Display. Which kind do I need for replacement Is it still available as a spare part Answer  Two different LCDs were used during the production period of TC1128.
The first display type was an EL-type with a blue backlight which has been unavailable for some years. The last display type is a LED-type with a yellow/ green backlight. If your TC1128 has the old blue backlight you would need to get an upgrade kit (which include mechanical parts, as the new LCD doesn't fit into the old units). Unfortunately, we no longer have any upgrade kits available. If your unit has the new yellow/ green display you "just" need to get the display replaced. The displays cannot be fixed but needs to be replaced by a skilled technician. (TC order code for a new LCD Display, 5V type: 336050011 + a new ribbon cable for the LCD: 544033011). Please order the part directly via your local dealer or distributor.