Question My HOF Mini has no reverb effect when the knob is turned below 9 o'clock. Is it faulty How do I fix this Answer No worries, this is normal. Your HOF Mini works just fine. That's just how this knob works as default with the factory-installed TonePrint. If you want another curve or even another parameter (it is possible!) you will need to use our TonePrint editor. The TonePrint editor is located here If you connect your HOF Mini to your computer and take a look at the knob selection, the setting is for FX level parameter. So good so far. Now if you take a look in the upper left corner you will see something called the modifier display within which you will see frequency curve of the pedal's knob. The default TonePrint features a very strong upward curve at the beginning from -80dB to 12dB and then it becomes more progressive. Knowing that below -40dB we cannot hear the effect at all, I suggest to change this curve for a more progressive one; you will see, that there are 5 points:
  • Set the first point at -35dB. 
  • Set the second point at -20dB 
  • Set the third point at -12dB 
  • Set the fourth point at -9dB 
  • Set the fifth point at - 0dB
You will get a better progression, especially on the first part of the knob curve. These settings as just an example, you can test and modify to your taste. This is one of the most exciting aspects of the TonePrint editor. You can also stack up to 3 parameters on the one knob! Please read the TonePrint Editor user manual on pages 7 and 8 where you can find more information about the knob curves on the modifier display. The TonePrint editor user manual is located here It is advisable, once you are satisfied with your own TonePrints to save them on your computer, before storing to the pedal. In doing this, you will be able to recover all of your own TonePrints again in the future within the Editor and therefore see all of the parameters for each TonePrint, thus making it easier to modify them. This FAQ applies to every TonePrint compatible pedal.