Question Where can I find the latest Triple-C software

You can download the latest Triple-C software and instruction PDF below. Version mono is TriC202.exe and stéréo is TriC2024.exe In the new software (version 2.02) the following features were added:
  • Expander Added. Expander can be turned on/off in the I/O menu,
  • Individual Thresholds. The three thresholds of the multiband compressor can now be set individually in the Edit menu. The frontpanel Threshold works as an overall master for the three thresholds,
  • Menu interrupt removed. The menu's are no longer interrupted by tweaking frontpanel knobs,
  • Startup: Frontpanel knobs are read at startup, meaning that the frontpanel knobs are equal to the actual parameter value.
Please follow carefully the instructions that come with the software . You need a Windows PC and a  MIDI interface (see related FAQ) to upload the latest software to your Triple-C.
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