Question I have a Mastering 6000 MKII, but the active optional licenses do not seem to match the description on the website. Why  Answer There are in fact 3 possible versions of Mastering 6000 MKII. All units have by default the following algorithms:
  • Multichannel Mastering (MD5.1, MDX5.1, Toolbox 5.1, EQ5.1),
  • Stereo Mastering (MD3, MD4, Brickwall Limiter 2, Matrix 88).
The difference will appear in the other optional licenses. 
  • Units that are/were upgraded from MKI version: All upgraded units should have the LM6 enabled, plus another optional license chosen by the user when the upgrade is/was made. The optiional license can be either: Stereo Reverb, VP8, AM6, Reverb 8, UnWrap or Live Aid. The serial number will be between 285000 and 289610
  • Units that were sold between May 1st 2010 and November 1st 2013: These units have no included optional licenses. The serial number will be between 289610 and 294999
  • Units sold since November 2013 should match the description on the website. Additional licenses are LM6, UnWrap HD, MDW EQ and VP8. Serial numbers start from 295000.
All these units could also have other optional licenses activated after purchase. In case of any doubt, please contact TC Support who keep a history file of all activated licenses for each serial number.