Question Should I buy a G-Force or a G-Major

The G-Force is a extremely flexible unit (free effects routing, 8 assignable modifiers, plenty of FX) but because of that, it is not the easiest machine in the world to program. If you are looking for a powerful unit, where you can tweak every detail and parameter, the G-Force is a very good choice. If you are looking for some quality FX with very easy access and learning, with lightning fast switching and in a much more competitive price range then the G-Major is a good option. Compared to the G-Force, the control options are less flexible, but this of course makes it easier to use. Main differences between G-Force and G-Major are:
  • The G-Force has a speaker emulator - the G-Major does not.
  • The G-Force has an intelligent pitch shifter (harmonizer) - the G-Major has a normal pitch shifter.
  • Where in the G-Force the sequence of the algorithms can be altered in the effects matrix, the order of the FX in the G-Major is fixed. This has both advantages and disadvantages. In the G-Force, the FX routing is more flexible, whereas the G-Major has faster switching, because of the fixed routing of the effect blocks.
  • The G-Major incorporates analog relay switching of non-MIDI combos or pre-amps. This way you can access your amp's channel switching from within your G-Major presets. This function is not avaliable in the G-Force.
  • Both units can be controlled via any MIDI controller board that supports Program Change and Control Change Messages (a.k.a. MIDI CC).
  • You cannot connect a guitar or bass directly into the G-Major. The G-Force has a high input impedance which makes this possible. - however, the G-Force is not a guitar pre-amp and we recommend that you use the G-Force with a pre-amp or in your effects loop of your amp.
  • Price: The G-Force is more expensive than the G-Major. Over the years however, DSP technology has evolved quite a bit. This makes it possible for us to deliver the same sound quality at a lower price level. - We did not compromise on AD/DA converters or FX quality.