Question How do I update my M2000 to the latest software version

The M2000 update is done with a 512 KB PCMCIA card (S-RAM type 1) containing the new software, which you can also use for storing additional presets. You can order the PCMCIA card from our online shop. To update, please follow this procedure:
  1. Insert the card in the port on the front of the unit.
  2. While powering up, hold the uppermost/rightmost key on the front, and a menu appears.
  3. The display should now show "Option : Load PCMCIA(highlighted)". Press ENTER to confirm. After a couple of seconds, the unit starts programming its Flash memory.
  4. Make sure that the display goes back to the "Option : Load PCMCIA(highlighted)" screen, without any errors.
  5. Power off the unit as normal, by holding the POWER key.
  6. Remove the PCMCIA card.
  7. Power on as normal.
Please also see this FAQ: I already have a compatible PCMCIA card, can I download the software and transfer it on the card myself