Question I´m using the Loudness Radar from Premiere Pro CC 2014.There´s an option to set the Radar to Leq(K). What does this mean I actually need to do some measurement in Leq(M). Is the Leq(K) on the Radar similar to the Cinema standard Leq(m) Answer Leq(K) is the original version of BS.1770, i.e. ungated. However, all standards, incl. ATSC A/85, are now based on the gated measurement ("BS.1770"). Leq(K) has the same frequency weighting as current BS.1770 - which is different from Leq(M). If you need to measure in Leq(M), you must use a different tool for that purpose. TC Leq(M) is only available for ProTools TDM and for System 6000, as the AM6 plug-in / license.