Question Is it possible to connect two pedals (i.e. a Flashback and a Hall of fame) in the parallel loop of an amp  Answer It is not possible to use more than one pedal in a parallel loop if they are connected in serial - When you set a single pedal in a parallel loop, you need to set it in kill-dry mode so that only the wet signal comes out to be mixed with the amp direct signal- Also  when you bypass the pedal, you don't want any dry signal passing back to mix with the direct signal - (that will double the dry signal and can create some phase problems). In bypass mode, no signal will come out from the pedal.  If you connect a second pedal after the first one, it should also be in Kill-dry (same reasons as the first pedal). But since the first one is also in Kill dry,
  1. If the first pedal is ON, the second pedal still does not get the dry signal to create the effect. The effect of the second pedals only applies to the wet signal
  2. If the first pedal is in bypass, there is no signal at all reaching the second pedal 
  3. If the first pedal is ON, but the second is OFF, no effect from the first pedal will pass through- 
NOTE: There is no way to make this possible with a software update, because there is no way to connect the units digitally.  Solution: 
  1. The easy solution : use a serial loop (or set your amp loop in serial if possible)  and set the pedals with kill-dry = OFF - Since the pedals are true bypass and analog dry through, that should NOT affect your tone. 
  2. The complicated solution: In a parallel loop you would need to connect a mixer where each pedal receives the dry signal from the loop send, then you can mix the wet signals from each pedal to the Loop return that will be in his turn mixed with the direct signal of the amp.