Question Can I use my audio interface under Boot Camp What about support Answer Using Boot Camp configurations is not officially supported. However, if you like to try out be aware that there is a general and known issue with DPC spikes which can cause streaming issues like drop outs and digital clicks. Apple has made a small program named "kbdmgr.exe". It is related to the Boot Camp configuration icon that is placed in the dock. What "kbdmgr.exe" does is that it makes the special Apple key commands for features like "level up/down" or "brightness" available to Windows. In other words, it lets you use your Apple keyboard to full extend with Windows. It seems that ending the "kbdmgr.exe" process, results in a stable running system without any DPC spikes. To end the process, 
  • Click Ctrl+Shift+ESC to get into the Windows Task Manager. 
  • Then find the kbdmgr.exe 
  • Right-click kbdmgr.exe and choose "End Process", confirm
Now, you have to realize that the Apple key commands no longer will be available. Also, this program seems to be related to the Bootcamp settings, so if you want to adjust those (for example to reboot in OSX), you'll have to start "kbdmgr.exe" again.