Question: Is there any way I can change banks or presets on the Nova System faster Answer: You can change quickly presets in the same bank by changing the way of the preset switches work. This is found in the Utility Menu under the FootSwitch page. If you set it to "Preset", you can easily change presets using the 1-3 buttons. But unfortunately, this does not help with the bank change speed. However, there is a way to change bank quickly using a MIDI foot controller. If you do not want to have large unit, with 12-foot switches and 2-volume pedals, you can use a little and simple programmable MIDI switches such as:
  • The Tech 21 MIDI Mouse 
  • The Peak FCB2N 
  • The Disaster Area DMC-2
In addition to instant preset or bank changes, the presets changing will be made without any sound or effects being cut out. Now you could set the pedal Master in the Utility Menu under the FootSwitch page to "Pedal". By doing that, you will be able to change bank & preset with the external MIDI foot switch and bypass or turn on the various effects in the preset itself by using the Nova's switches.  You can also use the Switch-3 or G-Switch for external switching. Though it will not be any faster than using the Nova's switches, but it would allow you to keep the Nova in "Pedal" mode. Please see this link for details.