Question What are the specifications / ratings for the Switch Out relays Can I use the relay function of the G-Major to switch externally relays

Specifications for the G-Major Switch Out relays:
  • Max. switching voltage: 48VDC / 35VAC
  • Max. switching current: 1A below 30VDC / 20VAC (0.5A above)
  • Resistive loads only
Yes. You can, if using an external power supply, switch external relays using the Switch Out of the G-Major. However, as the Switch Out relays are not suited for inductive loads (as relays) we recommend that a small circuit with driver transistors is added between the G-Major and your external relays. You must at least connect a diode (i.e. a 1N4148) in "anti-parallel" and a small capasitor (i.e.100nF) in parallel with the relay coil.