Question How do the compression styles work in the Triple-C

When you set the attack, ratio and release on the front panel of the Triple-C, you're actually adjusting the settings for the mid-band of the 3 band compression. Depending on which compression style you use, the parameter values the unit will use for the low and high bands will differ from the mid band, depending on which compression style is selected. Our experienced sound engineers programmed these values within the styles to suit a variety of programme material, and depending on the material you are working with, you can select one of these compression styles. Different ratios, attack and release times for the high and low bands are programmed. When you use the Triple-C in single band compression mode or envelope - of course - compressions styles are disabled. In the attached PDF file, you can see the relation between the different bands, regarding attack, ratio and release. From Triple C software version 2.02 you can set the threshold for the different bands independently and the threshold is no longer part of the compression style. You can download the latest Triple-C software here.