Question What are the differences between the Ditto Looper and the Ditto X2. Answer The differences are as follows:
  • The most obvious thing is the size. You can 'fit' more than three Ditto Loopers into only one Ditto X2! The Ditto Looper, just like all of our pedals from the Mini series is convenient and ideal for use on a smaller pedal board.
  • The Ditto Looper requires an external power supply due to its small size; it can not take batteries. The Ditto X2 can be powered with either one or two batteries OR with an external power supply.
  • The Ditto Looper is a Mono device with one Input and one Output. The Ditto X2 is a true Stereo device with two completely independent channels: two Inputs and two Outputs that can be used separately with two different signals. For instance one guitar and one bass, where each instrument could have its own loop.
  • The USB port on the Ditto Looper is only for use when making firmware updates. The USB port on the Ditto X2 allows you to do firmware updates, as well as to load audio files from your computer into the Ditto X2. You can also store your own loops which you have made in the Ditto X2 to your computer using the USB port.
  • Additional features of the Ditto X2 are the reverse mode and the 1/2 speed feature. These functions are accessed with the second foot-switch on the right hand side of the pedal. This foot switch can also be used as a stop button.
  • Both pedals have 5 minutes of looping time and an unlimited maximum number of overdubs.