Question Please explain adaptive compression in Voice Tone Correct.

Adaptive Compression Setting: Please set up the product as follows:
  • Shape Control: 12 oclock
  • Compress Control: 12 oclock
  • De-Ess: off Pitch: off
  • Warmth Button: off
  • Adaptive Shape Button: on
  • Adaptive Compress Button: on
Sing while turning the LE effects on and off. What youll hear: Adaptive Compression is a tricky effect to perceive, but will significantly help your voice stay balanced in a mix. It smoothes your dynamics by increasing low levels and decreasing the high levels of your voice. The more compression you apply by turning the knob right of centre, the smoother your voice will become. Without compression its like singing directly into someones ear. If you're having trouble hearing the effect, try singing with an extreme dynamic range (very loud than suddenly very soft) with the compress knob set at full. Try toggling between LE effects on and off with the Right Footswitch. You should be able to hear what its doing now. Leaving the Compress control at 12 oclock should give optimal results in most applications.Turning the Compress Knob down from center will reduce the effect. Manual Compression mode: Press the Adaptive Compress Button to turn the adaptive nature of the compressor off. While set to manual, the compressor works like a soft knee compressor. To get the right sound you may need to adjust your input level and the Compress Knob. Correct analyzes the input ~ 20-30 seconds, then continually makes adjusts as necessary. It analyzes your voice even when the LE effects are off so when you turn it on, it's ready.