Question How do you enable pitch correction on the Harmony G-XT

Double-click the TONE button. The TONE button will flash rapidly to let you know the state of pitch correction has changed. The TONE button will flash once every few seconds to let you know its on. With auto-chromatic pitch correction TC-Helicon has just made it even easier to deliver pitch- perfect vocals every time. Regular pitch tuning works to a key or scale, but with auto-chromatic pitch correction theres no scale or key setting, allowing vocalists to plug in a mic and deliver perfect vocals every time. The typical adjustments of key, scale and attack time arent present because the chromatic scale works for all Western scale-based songs and the rest of the parameters e.g. Tone and correction amount are pre-set. Simply double-click the Tone button and pitch correction is engaged. This feature is implimented in version 1.1. All software releases after this build contain the feature.