Question Upon connecting VoiceLive 2 via USB to PC or MAC and powering-up the VoiceLive 2, the operating system seems to confirm that the VoiceLive 2 is connected, recognized and setup properly for use.  Then, upon loading the VoiceSupport software and launching it, the software cannot locate the connection of the VoiceLive 2, stating that is is "not connected".   What is the procedure to overcome this and to get the VoiceSupport software to finally acknowledge the connection of the VoiceLive 2

  1. Check that "USB Control" parameter in SETUP/SYSTEM is set to "ON".
  2. Check that the parameter called "Sysex ID" under SETUP/MIDI is set to "0".
  3. Check your firewall settings and make sure that the VoiceSupport application is not being blocked.
If either of these parameters is not set correctly the VoiceLive 2 cannot connect to VoiceSupport.