Question: My VoiceLive Touch 2 randomly changes presets and parameters, what's wrong  Answer: Here are a few things to check that can cause this type of issue to occur.
  1. Be certain you have removed the film on the touch surface. The film can hold a charge causing buttons to randomly be triggered. There should also be nothing on the touch surface when the unit is started as the surface calibrates itself every time you start it.
  2. If you are using MIDI, filter incoming CC#. Select 'setup->midi->filter', and select sysex.
  3. Be certain you are not overloading the unit and have set the input gain. Adjust the input level control(side knob) while you sing so that the middle, orange LED lights on your loudest singing. The red LED should not light.
  4. Be certain Mic Control is turned off if you are not using it. To confirm this, select 'setup->input 1/13->input', and set this to dynamic.
The reason the last 2 are important is because if you have selected one of the mic control microphone and you are clipping (overloading) the input, this will send a mic control message to the unit and it will trigger whatever mic control has been set to do.