Question Please explain manual mode in Harmony-G (XT).

There may be times when you want to disengage guitar control of your harmonies and use a fixed key (e.g. E Minor) instead. Using MANUAL mode does this. It could be that you arent playing your guitar in a particular song or that youve used fixed-key harmony in other TC-Helicon products and found it works better and sounds unique for some songs. In these cases, you can use the MANUAL mode, also known as Scale in other TC-Helicon products. To use MANUAL mode, hold both footswitches then play a chord on your guitar. If your song is in E minor for example, play a simple E min chord. As you strike the chord, Harmony-G (XT) will automatically exit the key setting mode so you can sing right away. Note that chords containing extensions such as 7ths are not recognized. Harmony-G XT allows you to manually set a scale, even without a guitar. If some of the harmony notes dont sound correct to you, you can choose from the three alternate scales by re-entering MANUAL mode described above, and before you play the chord, tapping the A/B footswitch to cycle through the three alternate major or minor scales. A number from 1 to 3 will show your selection in the preset display until you play the chord. If none of these work, then its best to turn off the MANUAL button and return to guitar-controlled harmony. If you wish to reuse Manual mode and the key youve just set next time you power up, you can hold the PRESET button to store it to the current preset number.