Question What are the advantages of using a Switch-3 Answer Connecting a Switch-3 (optional) to your Play Acoustic will give you permanent access to looping without having to use the DOWN and UP footswitches. It frees up those footswitches, so you can assign them to key/scale selection. This will also allow you to change presets without having to go in and out of Loop mode. The Switch-3 buttons are mapped as follows:
  • Rec/Play/Odub,
  • Stop/Erase (Hold for Erase) and
  • Undo.
The benefit of having the Undo feature assigned to a separate footswitch is the ability to perfectly time your undo instead of waiting a moment for a hold to be registered. When a Switch-3 is plugged in and Switch-3 mode is set to Looping, key/scale selection is automatically assigned to the DOWN and UP footswitches of your Play Acoustic. When the Switch-3 is unplugged, the DOWN and UP footswitches revert to whatever the UP/DN setting was prior to connecting the Switch-3. Click here for more info on Switch-3.