Question Can I change the shape settings in VoiceTone Correct

The Shape EQ can either run in adaptive or manual mode. Adaptive mode will function the vast majority of the time to provide just the right amount of EQ for your voice. Manual mode can be useful for applying specialized EQ curves. When the Shape Knob is turned fully left, there will be no boost or cut. When it's turned fully right, there will be a fixed amount of High Boost and Low Cut. The maximum amount of High Boost and Low Cut can be changed by following the steps below.
  1. Press the Adaptive Shape Button to exit adaptive mode (the Shape Button's light should be off).
  2. Set the Shape Knob to 12 o'clock.
  3. Press and Hold the Warmth and Adaptive Shape buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. For the next 10 seconds, the pitch display meter will change to indicate manual EQ settings. Only the leftmost four dots of the input and output display lines are used. The Input line indicates High Boost while the Output line indicates Low Cut.
  4. To change the High Boost or Low Cut, first make sure you are viewing the manual settings using step 3. Press the Warmth Button to cycle through High Boost settings and the Shape Button to cycle through Low Cut settings. You'll see the High Boost dot or Low Cut dot moving from left to right as you press the respective button.
  5. You can return to pitch view immediately by pressing and holding the Warmth and Adapative Shape Buttons for 2 seconds. Alternatively, if you make no changes for 10 seconds, Correct will return to manual shape mode.