Question My VoiceSolo mic stand adaptor doesn't appear to fit my mic stand, have I done something wrong

Mic stand manufacturers vary in their tolerances, so on some brands and models, it may appear that the cone shaped adaptor VoiceSolo sits on doesn't thread on properly. As long as you are able to wind the cone on 1-2 turns, our testing has confirmed that this will form a tight and safe connection for VoiceSolo and your mic boom and mic to rest upon. Once the cone is on finger tight, you can place VoiceSolo on it and use the VoiceSolo as leverage to wind it on further which will fasten it even more securely. If you are unable to get more than 1-2 turns even using VoiceSolo to wind further, avoid turning it counter-clockwise (unscrewing direction) when setting up or adjusting.