Question Why can't Shift and Correction share the same MIDI channel

VoiceOne wouldnt know which incoming notes you had intended for correction, and which ones you had intended for absolute shifting. This is not a limitation but is in fact the implementation providing you with the most flexibility. For example, say you set up a sequence of MIDI notes that supplies appropriate correction scales to the VoiceOne as your song played to subtly correct the overall pitch imperfections in your vocal recording. At a specific point in the song you realize you need to forcefully re-pitch a small vocal segment. Instead of worrying about changing modes or presets, all you have to do is simply sequence the desired absolute shift notes but send them to the shift channel instead of the correct channel. Simply set up the shift effect parameters to meet your re-pitching needs (feel free to throw on some of the juicy naturalization effects like FlexTime, Portamento, and scooping), so that both pitch correction and pitch shifting can be used simultaneously with ease.