Question I have upgraded my VoicePrism (sw 1.03) to a VoicePrismPlus (i.e. the current version of regular VoicePrism software (1.03) to VoicePrism Plus VP+F105.syx) and the unit boots as far as the splash screen and then seems to be frozen. Also, the relay can be heard resetting (the click during boot up). The level meter and/or 7-segment may display a random state.

Possible Problem: 
  • The upgrade card is missing the flash chip or the flash chip is blank.
  • The card is faulty.
Solution: If the chip is blank (or missing) the unit must be opened and the chip programmed with a burner or replaced. There is no MIDI upgrade solution and a new EPROM would be required. Please contact the TC Support team by clicking here. Alternatively click hereto find your local TC service center. If step this does not work, there could be a fault with the upgrade card and the the card should be replaced.