Question How do I save and manage my recordings and loops

Saving your work You can save a jam session which includes whatever you record in the six loop orbs along with a single performance recording. You can recall it later, or even better, you can Share the recorded performance with your friends by uploading your performances to SoundCloud. Press the organize button at the top left and select Save/Share. From the session view, you can name your jam session (so you know what youll be loading back at a future date), you can hear your recorded performance, you can initiate a new performance recording, and you can go to the sharing screen. Youll need to press save at the bottom or your work will be lost when closing the app or loading another pre-saved jam session. Note: Pressing Save will not create a new session. If you want to copy the contents of one session to a new one, press Save to New. Loading old Jam Sessions After pressing the organize button from the action screen, select Load. You will see a list of previous sessions by the names you gave them when you saved them. Creating a new Session After pressing the organize button, select New. This is similar to Save to New except you start from a clean slate. You can also select Load and chose Empty Session. Deleting Sessions You can delete sessions you no-longer need to free up space on your device. Press the organize button and select Load. At the bottom left you can press the delete icon, which will allow you to selectively delete the listed session by pressing the red minus signs that pop up beside each one.