Question How can I control the VoiceWorks using a MIDI keyboard

There are two ways to control harmonies using MIDI allowing easy harmonization of both simple and complex melodies. Before following the steps below make sure that the MIDI out of your keyboard is connected to the MIDI in of the VoiceWorks and that the MIDI channel being output by the keyboard matches the MIDI channel set in the VoiceWorks under the setup menu. Chord Presets. The VoiceWorks watches incoming MIDI and analyzes it to determine what chords are beingplayed, then creates harmonies using only notes from the chords it recognizes. The user can decide the position of each the harmony voices being created - above or below the singer.
  1. Press the RECALL key to ensure that you are in preset recall mode.
  2. Turn the Data Wheel to Preset number 31 and press RECALL or ENTER to load the preset.
  3. Sing into the VoiceWorks (via a microphone of course) while playing chords on the keyboard. Notice how the harmonies produce the chord you are playing while relatively following the pitch of your voice.
  4. Preset 31 has all voices set to be above the input voice. Press the up arrow key to try out the other Chord Presets. Preset numbers 31 to 50 are chord presets.
  5. To make the harmonies only sound while notes are being played on the keyboard, double click the HARMONY key to enter the harmony edit menu and change the LATCH Parameter from On to Off.
Notes Presets. The VoiceWorks harmony voices are controlled directly by incoming MIDI notes - what you play is what you get. Like any synthesizer does, VoiceWorks will assign available harmony voices to MIDI notes as they come in, up to the number of voices you have enabled.