Question Which TC-H devices will work with an MP-76 Answer As a simple dynamic microphone, MP-76 will work with any TC-H device. In order to utilize the buttons and LCD display, here is a list of devices that will work. Full functionality
  • VoiceLive 3
  • VoiceLive Touch 2
  • Play Electric
  • Play Acoustic
  • VoiceLive Play
  • VoiceSolo FX150
One button functionality (Acts as MP-75)
  • VoiceLive 2
  • VoiceLive Touch
  • VoiceLive Rack
  • VoiceLive Play GTX
  • VoiceTone 2 Switch Pedals (Harmony G-XT, VoiceTone Synth etc.) that currently support Mic Control
*Note Any products that have +24V phantom power, like the Singles line, Mic Mechanic, Harmony Singer etc. will NOT support any button functionality. The phantom voltage is not great enough to power the microphone. Any product that does not currently support Mic Control will be unlikely to be updated to work with MP-76.