Question What kind of signal goes out from Voicelive Play (GTX) and to what kind of equipment can I connect it.  Answer The outputs of Voicelive Play (GTX) are on balanced XLR connectors. The max output level is +2dBu. You can connect these outputs to lots of piece of equipment without any box added in between -
  • A Mixer (or acoustic amp ) Mic inputs using standard XLR mic cables.  
  • A mixer line input if the level is too hot for the Mic input - If the line inputs are on 1/4" jacks you'll need some adaptors XLR to 1/4" TRS or TS jacks.  See the related FAQ about Wiring instructions below
  • Any Powered speakers or amplifiers as long as these device have a line input and gain control.  
  • Other equipment such as loopers, effect device or other processors. 
The important part is to check if the level fed by VoiceLive Play will match your down-flow device. Check that the device accepts the signal level. For example, if your line input is designed for +24dBu (max) signal, with no  input gain control,  there is good chance that the output of VoiceLive play will be too weak and the signal will have a lot of noise added.  In other cases (i.e. if you feed a very sensitive instrument input) , the outputs could be too hot and the signal will be distorted and will also have noise added.  Important: An XLR connector is NOT necessarily a MIC input. XLR connectors are also used for Line input  and also for DIGITAL AES inputs on some Pro Audio equipment. Check the manual of your equipment to get a description of the connections. If you are not sure, contact the manufacturer support.