Question When I connect my expression pedal and a Switch-6, I get an impedance error. My expression pedal was working fine before. What do I do Answer Do this:
  1. Unplug all pedals/footswitches
  2. Plug the expression pedal* into the expression pedal port and calibrate it
  3. Unplug the expression pedal
  4. Select the desired function of the footswitch input (expression / switch-3 / switch-6)
  5. Plug in the footswitch input
  6. Calibrate it if its an expression pedal
  7. Finally plug in the expression pedal input and it should be good to go!
*Please note that if you're using a Switch-3 or Switch-6, you will be limited to using a "high impedance" expression pedal.  This is because the microcontroller on VL3 has only one pin to tell it if you're using low or high impedance devices, meaning you cannot mix and match high and low impedance controllers.  Because the Switch-3 and Switch-6 are both high impedance devices, you cannot use a low impedance expression pedal in conjunction with either of them.