Question The song Im working with sounds great with my programmed Scale Preset, but only needs harmonies on the chorus and changes key near the end of the song. Can I program the VoiceWorks to handle this

Yes. Using the Switch-3 footswitch and VoiceWorks special mode of operation called SONG MODE you are easily able to handle a song of this type. Switch-3 Footswitch The Switch-3 footswitch is highly recommended when using the VoiceWorks. It allows you to enable/disable harmonies, change presets, activate Harmony Hold, step through SONG MODE sequences and more! Please refer to the user manual for a complete description of the Switch-3 capabilities. Back to the question at hand: say the song you are working with starts in C major, but changes to D major near the end and the preset youve programmed to work with this song is 21 Scale C Maj2. Heres how to handle this with the VoiceWorks. Setting up for operation with the Switch-3 Footswitch
  1. Power up the VoiceWorks with the Switch-3 plugged in. This is necessary to ensure that the VoiceWorks properly recognizes the footswitch.
  2. Press the Setup key a few times until the MIDIDUMP parameter is shown. (Pressing the setup key multiple times advances to various groupings of parameters. Once you become familiar with the VoiceWorks this will increase your speed of editing).
  3. Press the UP ARROW key once to get to the FOOTSWITCH 1-2-3 page.
  4. Using the DATA WHEEL and the ARROW keys, change the parameters to show: SS+ (Song Step Increment), SS- (Song Step Decrement) and HarL (Harmony Enable).
Programming Song Mode
  1. Press RECALL twice to ensure that the current preset is not edited and then press the SONG MODE key.
  2. Using the DATA WHEEL, select an empty song (SNG# parameter).
  3. Go to the parameter and change to and press ENTER.
  4. Using the ARROW KEYS and the DATA WHEEL name the song. When you have finished, press ENTER and then with the DATA WHEEL change to .
  5. Move the cursor to P--, and then turn the DATA WHEEL until the preset to be used for the song is selected. If the preset is Scale Preset Number 21, theparameter would show P21s.
  6. Go to the parameter and press ENTER. This will insert another Song step with the same settings.
  7. The second line of the Display should read S2 P21s C Maj2. Move the cursor to the C and change to a D using the DATA WHEEL.
Using Song Mode
  1. Press the 2nd button on the Switch-3 footswitch to set the VoiceWorks back to the first Step.
  2. Press the 3rd Switch-3 button to mute the harmonies.
  3. Start the song. When needed, press the 3rd Switch-3 button to unmute and mute the harmonies.
  4. When the song changes key to D major, press the 1st Switch-3 button to advance to the second song step. Pressing the 2nd button on the Switch-3 will go back to the previous step.
Please note: remember to power off the VoiceWorks using the front panel power button. Using this button to power down is like performing a global store operation for all setup, current preset and current song parameters prior to turning the device off and ensures that you do not lose settings when powering down.