Question How do I set up a delay on my preset, and use tap tempo or MIDI clock to alter its timing

Setting up delay on a blank preset
  1. Recall preset 100 (a blank preset). Turn the effects section on with a single click to the EFFECTS key to make it lit.
  2. For the sake of demonstration, make sure that the HARMONY, THICKEN and PITCH CORRECTION keys are not lit.
  3. Double click the EFFECTS key to edit the effects section. Use the ARROW keys and the DATA WHEEL to edit parameters.
  4. Set the FX LEVEL to 0db.
  5. Set REV/DLY to 0/100, meaning the effects will consist entirely of delay with no reverb.
  6. Ignore LE-REV SND (lead-reverb send), HA-REV SND (harmony-reverb send), and AU-REV SND (auxiliary-reverb send) parameters, as we are only worried about delay here.
  7. Set both the LE-DLY SND (lead-delay send) and HA-DLY SND (harmony-delay send) parameters to 0dB. Ignore the AU-DLY SND (auxiliary-delay send) parameterunless you are purposely sending audio through the aux input of the VoiceWorks.
  8. Ignore DLY2REVSND, REVERBTYPE, DECAY, PREDELAY, and the L and H parameters. (A quick way to do this is to double click again on the effects key which will advance you directly to the delay parameters section.
  9. Choose PingPong1 for DELAY TYPE, and set the Dly (delay time) parameter to 1000. Move to the very next parameter and if it doesnt already say Manual, turn the DATA WHEEL to the right until it does. Set FB (feedback) to 50%, and D (damping) to Flat.
  10. Speak boldly into your mic: This is fun. You will hear an echo of your statement every second alternating from left to right in the stereo field.
Using Tap Tempo Starting from where we left off
  1. To enable tap-tempo, move the cursor so that Manual is blinking, and change it to Tap, then move the cursor one spot to the right and edit the multiplying factor to read 1:1. This settings means that you will get one repetition for each beat of the rhythm you tap into the VoiceWorks.
  2. Notice that the Effects light is blinking once per second (since you initially set the delay time to be 1000ms). You are allowed to tap in a new rhythm as long as the cursor is editing one of the three delay parameters: Delay Time, Delay Source, Source Multiplier. On the screen these parameters look like Dly:1000 TAP 1:1.
  3. Start tapping on the EFFECTS key and the light should start to blink to match the rhythm you tap. If you were not editing one of the three parameters mentioned above, youll notice that the cursor will have either advanced to the FX LEVEL REVERB TYPE, or DELAY TYPE parameters. Simply move to one of the three parameters mentioned above and try again.
  4. While speaking into your mic, try changing the multiplier value. If you set it to 1:2, you will hear two delay repetitions for every beat of the rhythm you tapped in. Choosing 2:3 will give you a triplet feel.
  5. You can always tweak the delay value directly by moving to the delay parameterand adjusting it with the DATA WHEEL.
Using a MIDI-Clock derived Delay Tempo If you have a device capable of sending standard MIDI clock messages (for example sequencers or drum machines), set the delay source parameter to MCLK. The VoiceWorks will listen for incoming clock messages and will adjust the delay times accordingly. The source multiplier parameter will also work, allowing you to set up a various triplet delay feels, or basic on-the-beat delay feels.