Question I tune my acoustic guitar 1/2 step down, ie:
  • E Flat,
  • A Flat,
  • D Flat,
  • G Flat,
  • B Flat,
  • E Flat.
- tt makes it just a little easier to sing some high notes. Using the harmony-G (XT) or VoiceLive 2, must I tune up to standard tuning

The Harmony-G (XT) or VoiceLive 2 does not need to be adjusted if you use a different tuning. The unit will respond automatically to the chord information you send to it, regardless of the key. Alternate tunings e.g. drop D, DADGAD, etc. are okay. The most important notes of your chord, as far as Harmony-G is concerned, are the chord root and the third, so make sure these notes are clearly voiced. Your guitar can be tuned to alternate tunings as long as you are in tune with the onboard tuner.