Question Can I copy and overdub a loop

VoiceJam offers another exciting way to self-medicate lonely-loop-syndrome. You can start with a basic loop and use it as the foundation for several more that you can flip between at will. For example, lets say you record a drum beat. Next you want to add a bass line, and then a guitar, but then you want to take away the guitar, and after that you want to take away the bass leaving only the drums. Undo from method 1 only offers one level of build up and take down, whereas copying to and from all of the available loops allows up to 6 levels of musical progression. Copying: Drag your finger from one loop to another to instantly copy (without stopping the action), and then overdub a new part on top of the new loop. Then drag the new loop to copy it to yet another loop, and overdub again. Then switch back to the other loops to go back to the basics.