Question How is the VoicePrisms harmony pitch shifting different than conventional pitch shifting. If I shift up, will I sound like a mouse

The VoicePrism / VoicePrismPlus doesnt do pitch shifting in the conventional way. Your vocal input is made up of formants. Formants are sets of harmonics that makes one voice distinguishable from another. The voice prism moves the pitch while retaining the integrity of the vocal character. If you choose, you can then change the formants to another characteristic. You may want female backup singers if youre a male, and in different ranges and timbres. All of these things can be achieved on the VoicePrism, without the mice running around. The VoicePrism allows you to have independent gender control on each harmony voice. One thing that is a BIG help in realism is the Timing/Delay feature, and judicious use of Detune, Vibrato, Scooping, and Portamento go a long way towards "humanizing" the VoicePrisms output.