Question Can TonePrints only be used for the pedals they were created for, or can they be used for other TonePrint enabled pedals as well E.g. can a TonePrint created for a Flashback Delay pedal be used on a Shaker and vice versa

A TonePrint is a "tuning" of the underlying effect algorithm and they are not interchangeable. So the 'TonePrint' must be used with the pedal it was designed for. example: toneprints for a vortex flanger will only work on a vortex flanger. There are exceptions to this:  Tone prints written for the 'flashback delay' will also work with the 'flashback X4', 'alter ego' and 'transition delay'. Tone prints written for the 'Hall of Fame' will also work with the 'Trinity' and 'Arena'   Tone prints written for the 'Corona Chorus' will also work with 'The Dreamscape' and 'Gravy'     Applicable products:
  • Alter Ego Delay
  • Corona Chorus
  • Flashback Delay
  • Flashback X4
  • Hall of Fame Reverb
  • Gravy Chorus Vibrato
  • Shaker Vibrato
  • The Dreamscape
  • Transition Delay
  • Trinity Reverb
  • Vortex Flanger