Question Can I control multiple VoiceTone Singles pedals in a chain

Answer Yes, multiple VoiceTone Singles pedals in a chain can be controlled by the MP-75. Each VoiceTone Pedal is capable of passing the Mic Control message on to another VoiceTone Single pedal regardless of whether the Mic Control switch is enabled or not. By default the pedals are configured to not pass on the Mic Control message. To configure a VoiceTone pedal to pass on the Mic Control message:
  1. Press and hold VoiceTone Singles footswitch and the Mic Control switch on MP-75 for 5 seconds;
  2. The LED on VoiceTone Singles will flash to confirm the configuration of Mic Control pass thru has been changed;
  3. Repeat the step above for each VoiceTone Single in the chain except the last pedal.
The state of Mic Control pass-thru is remembered after power cycles. To clarify this operation, we've created a video to help show you the process: