Question I am a PolyTune owner. I saw a power output socket on it. May I use this output to power another pedal Answer Yes, this is possible. Indeed the PolyTune Classic (first version) and the PolyTune 2 both of course have a power input, but they have also a parallel power output. How does it work The PolyTune takes the power it needs to run and then sends the remaining power to the output. With this output you will be able to power another device. Of course, the total power available will be dependent on the power supply you use. It can be calculated easily - imagine we need to power a PolyTune and a Hall Of Fame:
  • PolyTune 2: 45mA 
  • Hall Of Fame: 100mA 
  • Total: 145mA
Our power supply delivers 400mA so it would provide enough power in the case of the above example.  All you need is a power cable such as the one below in order to connect one pedal to the other. power-cable.jpg Important: The max. output current shall not exceed 2000mA