Question What can I control with the G-Natural MIDI out  Answer You can only send MIDI progran change to another device.  In the MIDI menu, you can set the MIDI PrgChg.Out to "ON". This will activate the transmission of MIDI program change message in the MIDI out, when recalling a preset in the G-Natural. Here is how messages will come out : Factory presets F0-1 > MIDI PC 0 F2-2 > MIDI PC 1 .... F9-3 > MIDI PC 29 U1-1 > MIDI PC 30 U1-2 > MIDI PC 31 Etc. Note: On some devices there will be an offset of 1. Which means that Factory preset F0-1 will recall preset 1, etc.Please check with your own MIDI device what will be recalled.