Question My TC pedal has an expression pedal input. What kind of pedal can I use Answer First of all, don't use a standard volume pedal for guitar or bass. All these pedals have a high impedance of 250 kOhm potentiometer (or double sometimes for stereo applications) and most of times, they are equipped with a logarithmic potentiometer. For every TC Electronic devices you'll need a low impedance pedal up to 50 kOhm max with a linear potentiometer. For better results, use preferably a 25 kOhm max. Using a 25K pedal will give you a cleaner sweep. When using a volume pedal for instance the Ernie Ball* VP jr. you have to use a Y cable (TRS to 2xTS jacks) The 2xTS jacks will be use to connect the input and the output of the pedal and the TRS cable will connect to the expression input. This type of cable is commonly referred to as an insert cable.  Below it is a list of some of the compatible pedals that will work fine with TC Electronic devices. Please note: not all of these pedals have been tested by us but should work as they have the right specs:
  • AMT* EX-50: 25 kOhm
  • Bespeco* VM18L: 20 kOhm
  • Boss* FV-300L: 10 kOhm linear (expression pot)
  • Boss* FV-500L: 10 kOhm linear (expression pot) 
  • Boss* EV-5: 10 kOhm linear
  • Boss* FV-50L: 50 kOhm 
  • Ernie Ball* VP jr. (for active electronic): 25 kOhm  
  • Kurzweil* CC-1: 10 kOhm linear 
  • Line6* EX-1: 10 kOhm linear 
  • Mission Engineering* EP-L6: 10 kOhm linear
  • Mission Engineering* EP-25: 25 kOhm
  • Moog* EP-2: 50 kOhm linear (reducable) 
  • M-Audio* EX-P: 10 kOhm linear  
  • Roland* EV-7: 10 kOhm linear (up to 50 kOhm) 
  • TC Helicon Express-1: 23 kOhm
  • Zoom* FP-02M
This is not an exhaustive list as there are some other great brands offering excellent pedals. Please make sure that you use an expression with the required specifications. For instance the Korg* EXP-2 has a double potentiometer. 50 kOhm pot for volume feature but 100 kOhm for expression feature. Thus it does not work. Furthermore the pots are logarithmic taper potentiometer. The expression pedals listed before will work fine for every TC Electronic devices which has an expression pedal input. Among others:
  • G-Major
  • G-Major 2
  • G-Natural
  • G-System
  • Nova System
The following devices are recommended to be used with 25K exclusively. 
  • Alter Ego X4
  • Flashback Triple Delay
  • Flashback X4
Please read the users manual relating with the device to learn how to setup and calibrate the expression pedal. Related FAQs /articles/FAQ/Nova-System-Recommended-expression-pedals-228316368 *The product names used in this webpage are trademarks of the respective owner, which are in no way affiliated with TC Electronic.