Question Is the Alter Ego x4 capable of hearing only the reverse (effect) sound without the direct signal Answer Yes, it is possible. On the Alter Ego X4 (also on the Flashback X4 and the Flashback Triple Delay) in the reverse mode, when you turn the DELAY LEVEL knob all the way up, you will still hear the direct sound mixed with the reverse effect. But most of time using the reverse delay effect, we prefer hear only the delay effect with no dry signal at all. Remember Jimi "Castle Made of Sand"! I will give you a trick to do that. You just have to turn the "FEEDBACK" knob all the way down. This will automatically engaged the kill dry that you only hear the reverse effect without any dry signal. Of course you will not get any repetition because the "FEEDBACK" knob is turned all the way down. It is usually the desired effect. If you want some feedback, please follow the tutorial below: We need the TonePrint editor to make this special function. So we have to download the TonePrint editor. We will find it on the following page : Download the TonePrint Editor here Connect the Alter Ego X4 on the computer through USB. Launch the TonePrint editor. On the Alter Ego, select the "REV MOD". Edit the parameters as we want but do not forget the most important: On the top of the TonePrint editor, we have to engage the "Kill dry". It must be turned "ON". Next to the "Kill dry", we have the FX level. We can set the level we want. We have just to be careful and not forget if you set it to -100 dB, we will not able to hear the reverse effect nor the dry signal because the kill dry is engaged. So no signal at all !Once we have edited the preset, we will push the A, B, C foot switch for about three seconds. A,B,C depending on which memory we will save our own preset. The light flashes green 4 times and then our preset is saved with the kill dry engaged. That means we will not hear the dry signal but only the reverse effect with some feedback. Great effect is it If we want to hear both signals (dry and effect signals) we just have to disengage the kill dry on the TonePrint editor and we will be able to blend the dry signal with the effect signal on the amount we want. Do not forget these particular functions is available also on the Flashback X4 and the Triple Delay, doing the same way as I wrote above.