Question How do I remote control the DBMax via RS-485

You will need the latest version of the DBMax software to remote control it correctly The software can be transferred to the DBMax using a PCMCIA card in the slot on the front panel. Once you have the PCMCIA card, it takes less than 1 minute. This is the command structure for DBMax RS422/485 control... If you only have a short distance (max 5 meter) between the PC and DBMax, the units can be controlled directly using RS232. If the distance is longer, one RS422 or RS485 output can connect to many DBMax serial inputs over a big distance (eg. 300 meter or more). RS422 or RS485 cards can be fitted to your PC, or you probably have that capability in your scheduling system already. Command Structure: #AA,,
  • AA is Unit Address number as set on the Utility page.
  • cmd is command: PRE for preset change, BYP for Bypass.
  • value is (RAM) preset number required, 0 for not bypassed, 1 for bypassed
  • is carriage return, the same as enter or hex13.
Examples: #05,PRE,10 =Recall RAM preset no. 10 on DBMAX address 5. #03,BYP,1 =Bypass DBMAX address 3. Pinout of the of the 5-way DIN connector: (All three connectors carry the same RS485 IO capability) Data + : Pin no 3 Data - : Pin no 1 Common : Pin no 2 (Only on Thru and Output connectors) Protocol: The serial protocol is 9600, N, 8, 1. 9,6 kbaud, no parity, 8 bit, 1 stop.