Question Will the Corona Chorus sounds somewhat the same as my Flashback Delay I need a dedicated chorus but I love the sound of my Flashback Delay in chorus mode and I do not want to loose this sound using the Corona Chorus. Answer You love your Flashback Delay and you are right! It sounds great for all sorts of delay and in chorus or flanger mode. You can be reassured about the Corona Chorus. Using it, you will loose nothing. Both of pedals Corona Chorus and Flashback Delay share the same modulation engine. We can say that basically, the Flashback Delay and the Hall Of Fame Reverb have all modulation pedals build in too. Just take a look in the TonePrint editor, you can check that you get the same parameters regarding the modulation section on the Flashback Delay and on the Corona Chorus. That confirms what I wrote above. It is logical. Only the "Delay Time" is available on the Flashback Delay, it's normal as the Flashback is a delay but the Corona Chorus is not. See, the delay time is not on the Modulation section but on the Delay section. Of course, you will be able to set the delay for the modulation on the Corona Chorus. Also, you have 3 stages modulation with on each one :
  • 3 delay time settings
  • 3 depth settings
Actually, one for each stage. With the TonePrint editor, you can select also Flanger and Vibrato as you do with the Flashback Delay. This possibility allows you to have some color variations on the modulation effects.