Question I'm considering using a Hall of Fame or Trinity Reverb to collect two signal chains into one mono out. If I feed a Hall Of Fame with 2 signals, will they be merged into the Mono out   Answer If you connect 2 inputs (mono + stereo) and one output (mono) and feed both inputs, the unit will "think" you are feeding a stereo signal, and what happens is :

1. The dry signal input in MONO will go out in the MONO out 

2. The dry signal in STEREO will only go out in the STEREO out - So not in the MONO out if it is the only input fed by a signal.

3. The effect will be produced on the sum of MONO + STEREO IN, and sent to both outputs.. So you will hear some reverb of the STEREO input signal in the MONO OUT.

For the purpose described in the question, the answer is: No this is not possible.