Question In the TonePrint editor or the TonePrint application for smart phone, I cannot find any TonePrint for the Gravy pedal. Why Answer The Gravy came out at the end of year 2012. You will not find dedicated TonePrints for the Gravy because the Gravy is fully Corona Chorus TonePrints compatible. When connecting them to the editor through the USB port it shows up as a Corona. So you can out of the box use all Corona Toneprints via the editor library or TonePrint application on smart phones or iPad. The two exclusive sounds Barry provided for Gravy revolve around the great tones that can be found within classic chorus settings. His first sound was a take on the massively popular Tri-Chorus setting as found on Corona Chorus, tweaked for maximum fatness. Harkening back to an old-school tone, this is more of a retro take on Corona Chorus, resulting in a sound that will please even the most tone-conscious guitarist. Barrys second sound takes its roots from a vibrato effect that aims at a classic pitch warble but increases the speed to end up smack-dab in the middle of Leslie-type tones. On this Webpage, you will find the User Manual Here, a video with Barry Mitchell and Tore Mogensen The Garvy Tri-Chorus & Vibrato is a great pedal and quite rare. Hard to find now because it is no longer available and it has been produced in a limited edition.