Question How do I avoid level differences between presets

Unsuitable Mute modes is one source of level jumps when bypassing effects, which fortunately is easy to work around. To avoid other level differences between patches it's a good idea to turn down for example the Input block say 5 dB already when beginning a patch so that some extra headroom is available. Otherwise there´s a chance that the max level of one patch are lower than the others, which in worst case will force you to turn down the levels of all the others. Especially the PAN-TREM and the DRV (with low Drive settings) can result in lower levels (the tremolo because it cuts away parts of the sound, so that even if the peak levels are still the same, the RMS level can be a lot lower). There are a few ways to increase the level more (but watch out for internal overloads):
  • Add multiple Pipelines in the Routing display, which seems to amplify the signal a bit.
  • Sounds with different Eq curves will appear more or less loud in comparison. Higher frequencies appear louder than lower ones at the same actual dB level (this can be put to creative use: adding midrange will give the impression of a big increase in level).
  • If you use "doubling effects" by adding a PIT or DLY voice (with a tiny Pitch/Delay difference) to the dry signal you´ll get a much higher total level.
Found on The G-Force Page.