Question Can you use an expression pedal with the TC 1210 If so, are any specific ones recommended Also, my question refers to the use of an expression pedal, specifically to modify the speed of the effect "on the fly". Is that the way the EX. SPEED is supposed to work If so, does it work in NORMAL mode If I connect the unit in NORMAL mode, (stereo in / stereo out), can I enable either effect 1, 2, or both

In normal mode the TC 1210 is a two preset unit where the two presets can be used singly or combined. External speed control: Termination: (tip channel 1, ring channel 2) jack stereo plug for down shift of LFO frequency by pedal control or voltage control 0 to 10V with a sensitivity of -2.13 volts/octave no shift at 5V) The best pedal would be a volume pedal, like the Boss FV 300H. We have tested it and it works well. We cannot offer advise for any other pedals so you should try before you buy. Another way would be to get a MIDI to CV controller that outputs 0V at Midi value 0 and 10 V at Midi value 127. We haven't been able to find any unit ourselves with these features, so we have no specific recommendation. You can also control bypass with an external footswitch. External bypass control: Termination: (tip channel 1, ring channel 2) jack stereo plug for control by shorting to ground (=bypass, open circuit = effect on) or by logic control (0V=bypass, open circuit or 10 to 20V = effect on). So yes it is possible to bypass either channel 1, two or both. You need a two button footswitch that can accomodate to this.